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The evolution of Sportsbook: from horse racing to sports betting software

Sports betting is not a new phenomenon. It has been with us for hundreds of years, but now it has grown into a hugely popular and profitable, global industry. But where did it all began? In Ancient Rome, people were thirsty for real, live action so they found themselves making bets on chariot racing or gladiators fighting in the arena.

One of the earliest associations with sports betting was horse racing. This sport made a historical breakthrough in the 1700’s when thoroughbreds appeared in England together with organized races and set rules. The popularity of bets started to grow with enormous speed.

As the years past many major sports and sporting events emerged, such as the modern Olympics, Wimbledon, hockey, the World Cup and many more. Over time sports betting started to change format to reflect the new sports that were appearing.

The biggest changes though have taken place in the past 20 years: sportsbooks have changed, e-sports added and the opportunity to place bets on the Internet any time and from any device. Nowadays, sports betting software is a standard part of the casino and gambling world, forming a large section of the industry with a huge variety of different bets on any kind of sports that the customer can imagine.

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