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Land-Based Solutions

Solutions for land-based
casino businesses with
omnichannel operations


With the 1Click CRM casino platform, you can also fully meet all the operational needs of a land-based casino. It will allow you to manage all your cash flow and online payments from a single point, use 1Click Games' advanced wireless POS terminals, accept wagers, deposits and pay winnings via interactive gaming ATM. Land-Based Solutions can be integrated with any Customer card/Loyalty card system.

Land-Based Solutions

Click Games solutions cover also all the needs of the land-based gambling business. Our powerful casino platform is an ideal solution for operators with a main focus on the land-based casino business.

The main tasks this solution solves are the management of a cash flow between physical locations and the control of salespersons. Land-Based Solutions allows your customers to use the same wallet for online and offline gaming, at the same time it will allow you to manage all your cash flow and online payments from a single point.


This solution includes such products as:

  • Its own local network of interactive gaming ATMs for cash deposits, wagers, and withdrawals from the game account. Besides, Gaming ATMs support a full spectrum of 1Click Games' online gaming products and can be adjusted to any currency cash.

  • Network of TV terminals that display information about the lotteries/games/tournaments results in real-time.

  • Mobile terminals for attracting new players.

  • Mobile and stationary POS.

  • Our system allows integration of any Customer card/Loyalty card system.

Improve your iGaming business experience with advanced land-based solutions from 1ClickGames!

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