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Powerful Casino Platform

Single point access to
top independent iGaming
business tools

Single unified user experience

1Click CRM is a single platform solution for iGaming management that provides an excessive operational overview, allowing access to information about relevant business processes, all in one place. It fully manages all integrated products, from affiliate tracking to customer registration, payments, marketing and beyond.

casino platform
  • Gives access to key real time data about your customers and full control over gaming content.

  • Enables multi-currency payment processing without third-party software involvement.

  • Supports and gives overview over all popular marketing campaigns - bonuses, coupons, cashback, jackpots and tournaments.

  • Allows to locally adjust product with multi-currency and multilingual options.

Rich array of BI
and advanced reporting
tools available

Intelligent data analytics


Extensiveness of data processing options can be crucial to effectiveness of your business, because it points to specific productive activities to concentrate on and can provide a very high impact in the market. 1Click CRM allows to process relevant information and data to readable format through multiple channels, including visual reports.

  • Allows complete customization of consolidated reports with advanced filtering.

  • Enables trend analysis, by producing sophisticated demographical reports exportable in different formats.

  • Enables risk management, responsible gaming, fraud detection and permission management.

  • Integrated with industry's most complete and trusted NetRefer affiliate marketing platform.

Powerful casino platform
with user-friendly

Reliable operating environment

1Click CRM is simple yet powerful 100% browser-based iGaming business management platform that does not require advanced hardware and is accessible from any place in the world.

  • Backed by 24/7 network health monitoring, ensuring reliable and redundant infrastructure.

  • Operates with industry-leading stability with 99% uptime.

  • Designed to withstand over million users at the same time, shows low latency and high scalability indicators.

  • Is an open solution, therefore enables flexible open API integrations of third party products and functions.

Complete turnkey
solution with four week
time to market

Record setting launch time


1Click CRM is an ultimate white-label casino platform that enables you to start your own iGaming business in just four weeks. Industry-leading integration guarantees most cost effective time to market for all its licensees.

  • Includes Casino, Sports, Live Casino, Mobile Casino and Mobile Betting products all integrated into powerful 1Click CRM management platform as well as third party iGaming products.

  • Provides you with fully operational web and mobile portal and lets you to offer top gaming content from the very first day.

  • Allows complete localization to satisfy your target audience by choosing what gaming content and products to offer.

  • Provides lifetime support as well as constant software updates and product improvements.

land-based gaming

Retail-friendly casino platform

retail casino pos platform

1Click CRM casino platform supports not only online operation but also can fully cover all operational needs of a land-based gambling business. It is a powerful casino platform that will allow your customers to use the same wallet for gaming online and offline, and it will allow you to manage all your cash flow and online payments from a single point.

  • Improve your customer experience with 1Click Games' advanced wireless POS (Point of Sale) terminals.

  • Accept wagers, deposits and pay winnings to your customers via interactive gaming ATM.

  • Gaming ATMs support full spectrum of 1Click Games' online gaming products and can be adjusted to any currency cash.

  • Allows integration of any Customer card/Loyalty card system.

automated retention

Minimal efforts & maximum results

casino retention automation platform

1Click CRM casino platform has its own automated retention tool, which not only automates all promotional communication via multiple channels, it also plans, predicts and personalizes approach to every customer.

  • Automated and personalized content delivery via multiple channels; site, mobile site, e-mail, SMS.

  • Automated tracking of customer's behavior and gaming patterns.

  • Allows to significantly reduce time spent on promotional planning.

Start operating your own casino in 4 weeks