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1Click Games reduces the rate of unverified users via SMS verification

One of the golden rules with 1Click Games is to satisfy clients’ needs, and top of our list is casino players. We are well on our way to our 1 billion transaction goal by focusing on client satisfaction, in addition to the simplification and acceleration of account verification.

For an easy verification

Two of the most common customer complaints are complicated verification processes and password recovery. In fact, password recovery is one of the annoying problems that players are facing. 1Click Games have created a solution that helps players to easily verify their account and, if necessary, recover their password without contacting customer support.

The pros

The SMS verification helps to reduce the rate of unverified accounts, which can have a direct effect on the company’s statistics, user’s experience and sales. It is possible for customers to verify their account via a mobile device, without any additional gadgets like a PC or laptop. It is enough to register from a smartphone and continue with verification in just a few clicks. To recover a forgotten password, all that is required is few simple clicks and the problem should be solved, allowing the customer to continue with their gameplay. The solution also offers multiple account verification and password recovery options.


SMS verification can be regarded as a safe way to create and verify an account, making it more difficult for an account to be hacked due to smartphone binding. If your company is looking for a reputable and trustworthy partner, who will bring your gambling business to a new level and improve the customer processes, then 1Click Games can offer you the best solution for your company’s future. Feel free to request a quote , detailing your requirements, and our company’s representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss future cooperation opportunities.