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1Click Games extends marketing communication channels

In the gambling industry, marketing plays a major role in attracting and retaining customers. Client retention is as important as player engagement. To ensure that interested players remain, a company should develop a reliable customer retention marketing strategy that allows them to keep players informed and encourage them to return to the casino website. 1Click Games can help by extending marketing communication channels, thereby increasing customer reach and informing players about recent promotions and profitable offers.

Push notifications

The company has focused on push notifications, which is a great source of communication and a way of reaching players directly. Comparing this method with e-mail newsletters, which are often overlooked, the push notifications can be sent directly to the customer’s device, giving it a better chance of being noticed by players.1Click Games have time tested the Push notification service and found that it increases the conversion of marketing promotions, which directly affects sales and the company’s income.

A new source of communication

Let’s look in more detail at the push notifications as an independent service. Push notifications work independently from an application and they can be sent anytime. The proper use of this service can make positive changes in customer relationships and sales, but inept usage can destroy all the positive vibes and make players change their minds and find another casino to play. There are four aspects for a successful push notification campaign: the notifications should be targeted towards the right audience, or users can count them as spam and the result will decrease. The notifications should focus on users’ interest – it could be promotions, bonus or a new game alert. They should be actual and sent at the right moment, then the company will gain the maximum benefit from it.

How it works

Before launching any promotions, 1Click Games will research the target audience and create a full schedule of push notifications that players will receive. Each notification is carefully studied and evaluated for the best result. A proper marketing approach is the key to successful push notification campaigns and adding another effective communication channel to your casino.


1Click Games is ready to share their considerable knowledge of creating communication channels with your business. So, if you are interested in achieving new goals and open new marketing communication channels, please feel free to request a quote , and our company representative will contact you to discuss further opportunities.