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1Click Games continue to improve communication tools between players and the casino

As 1Click Games has already mentioned in the previous article about extending marketing communication, the relationship with clients is the key to success. 1Click Games has improved their communication with clients and has also found a way to deal with displeased customers, who have encountered a broken game. In this case, a solution to fix the game bugs was created, because the faster the problem is fixed, the faster the player will return to the game without any damage to the casino statistics.

How to involve clients in error reporting?

1Click Games has created a pop-up to report game errors like games not working or an incorrect display of the game, its suspension or an incorrect deposit display, directly from the window to increase the speed of discovering different bugs. Customers can attach a screenshot of the problem and write a comment and specify the complaint. The complaint will be sent to the support team for a fast reaction. The form also contains a “chat to us” button, so the player can report the problem by contacting the support team.

For company

This feature allows the following the variety of games because users have a different taste in games and they go thought a lot of games daily. The bug fix option gives them an option to help and improve the casino that they are playing in. It helps to understand the problem right away, by getting the screenshots of the evidence to find the source of the problem.

For business

If businesses integrate this tool, it will help to improve the communication between players and the support team. In terms of perception, it will give the player a sense of his importance and feeling that the casino he is playing in cares about its players and offer to make it better together. Players will not need to contact support by e-mail or online chat, will only need only to press a button and fill the form in with the evidence and continue to play.


Improving communication between players and an online casino is the right way to bring the product to a new level. The more satisfied the customer the more the casino will have, and the more it will affect different key indicators. The responsibility of the online casino is to provide high-quality service to players, and the tool from 1Click Games will become an invaluable part of the casino development. If you are interested in making your product better or creating an online casino website from scratch, 1Click Games will become a trustworthy partner. Feel free to request a quote and our company’s representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further working opportunities.