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1ClickGames customer support success story and effective fight against scammers

We are happy to welcome you in the 2022 and we feel, that it will be most productive year so far. Look how our Head of Customer Service department acts proactively to prevent any customer service desk overload and at the same time keeps the loyalty of the customers on a top level.

Customer Support Success Story

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The most important thing for great customer service is to deal with any unseen circumstances, be flexible and provide an alternative solution.

Due to new regulation requirements, many game providers frequently change their country restrictions. We are always trying to find the best solution for our customers. Recently our Customer Support team handled a greater volume of contacts because of the new country restrictions.

To provide a fast solution we have created alternative bonuses, new canned responses. We have carefully instructed all our customer support agents on how to deal with those cases. Our fast reaction and made changes helped us to prevent customer complaints and keep them playing with us. Such cases show that our Customer Support prefers to act proactively, think about a solution before we will start receiving complaints, and try not to lose our most important asset – customer loyalty.

Customer service is what you and your organization provide. Customer loyalty is the result of the provided service.

We need to unite to stop the fraud!

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It's not a secret that a huge number of scammers use stolen personal data, stolen payment data, and mathematical strategies to win back loyalty bonuses. Effective fight against such clients helps to avoid fraud and seriously improve the economy of gaming sites, reduce costs and make more attractive bonuses for loyal players.

All our company clients automatically get access to the 1Click Games Fraud Detection System, which tracks the movement of scammers between client sites and informs them about their registration in real-time. The database of scammers is constantly updated, as well as ways to detect them.

The main detection methods are the registration of related accounts, the creation of multi-accounts, the behavior of players on client sites, reconciliation with AML databases, as well as the types of documents submitted by such clients for account verification. All information about the fraud is collected in a form convenient for providing to regulatory authorities. Operators and regulators need to be open in the exchange of information about scammers in order not to load loyal players with additional checks and make services more accessible and of high quality.

Can bonus abuse be related to money laundering?

Explanatory article from our MLRO (Money Laundring Reporting Officer), who explains how money launders use bonuses and abuse them to withdraw the "legal" money.

#AML #BonusAbuse

Yes, technical manipulations, such as bonus abuse which can influence the course of the game, and technical security not should be considered only for bonus/game abuse, but also for money laundering purposes.

Money laundering techniques are subject to economic estimations. This means that the price for the legalization of incriminated funds must not exceed a certain upper limit. According to international estimates, money launderers accept losses of up to 30%. If there is a possibility to count the losses, money launders probably will participate in such a scheme.

Usually, bonus abuse is rarely mentioned as an example of money laundering in the gaming sector. Often bonus abuse is very difficult to prove. The most difficult type of bonus abuse is when customers know and play games with low volatility and then win in large volatility games. Operators should consider all aspects (customer behavior, betting pattern, funding methods, etc) and decide whether bonus abuse is an additional way in which it may be abused for ML/TF purposes.