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1ClickGames AI-Run Landing pages, Affiliate Networks & Customer Retention

1ClickGames always strives to provide best functionalities and performance of the platform, not only we will show you success case of our latest AI implementation, but we will also tell you, which 3rd party tools help operators to get most out of the data they have about customers. Integration of such 3rd party tools to 1ClickGames platform gives exceptional possibilities for customer retention.

Explanatory article from our CRM Management team, telling how our AI-Run landing pages has instant impact on the sign up rate and how it significantly decreases analysis work, that has to be done.

Improve Your Signup Rate With Our 10 New AI-Run Landing Pages

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Are you already benefiting from our newly added landing page templates? Find out how you might be losing up to 20% of your new customers.

You can run A/B tests with different landing pages and proceed to use the most effective one, but it will take loads of time until you make it perfect, and still, it will be not even close to as effective as presenting the right landing page to the right customer. However, creating truly relevant and useful customer segments is not an easy task. Especially, when you know close to nothing about the customers when they visit your website for the very 1st time.

Thankfully, now it can be done effectively by an algorithm. Since our first tests, we saw it creating thousands of new visitor segments that we would never be able to locate ourselves. Most importantly, we got a 20% improvement in the signup rate and it is still improving. The key to this improvement was adding as many variations of landing pages as creatively possible, and now we have made our 10 best converting templates available to you. Moreover, each template is fully customizable and can be used by you to create even more variations, covering even more customer motivations, needs, fears, and expectations.

Start being creative and let 1Click Games’ AI solutions run tests and segmentation for you. Spend less time analyzing numbers and watch the increase of your signup KPIs. Don’t miss out on extra signups! Remember that by increasing your signup numbers, you potentially increase the numbers of all the following stages of your funnel.

In our opinion there is no such thing as enough business partners, at 1ClickGames we have already integrated main players in the iGaming affiliating market and keep improving our integrations by adding software helping with customers retention. Read two articles from our Integration team explaining more down below.

Affiliate Network

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Nowadays a successful iGaming business is not imaginable without robust Affiliate marketing. Your success in this industry depends on creating beneficial deals with the Affiliates, API real-time performance reporting, tracking affiliate activity, and customers statistics.

1ClickGames provides interoperability with top Affiliate network platforms, like NetRefer, MyAffiliates, Affiliate Control, PostAffiliate Pro (PAP), and Mediacle. We are always looking forward to extending the diversity of integrations with Affiliate Management Software providers. Moreover, we also trying to improve and optimize the existing integrations. For example, recently we enabled the option to use multiply PAP4 instances per one brand.

Customer Retention #Enteractive #PhoneCalls #SMS #CustomerActivity

1ClickGames strongly believes that the customer is the main engine of every business, especially in the iGaming industry. Although this statement is so old, it is still true. We understand the need to stay as close as possible to our customers and listen to them.

Besides our own Automated Retention system, 1ClickGames also enhances customer retention capabilities by integrating the solutions of Customer retention market leaders. As result, the Enteractive Software was successfully integrated, so now inactive customers can be reactivated with friendly 1:1 phone talks or SMS messages in customers' language.

This process has also evolved with platform integration - a modern automated messaging tool for our B2B clients looking for better control and flexibility to craft and send data-driven emails, push notifications, and SMS messages.