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The game offering for players based on the game virality index from 1ClickGames

Each online casino website is a whole world of slots and different casino games but sometimes it does not enough to maintain the customer’s interest over a long period of time. To combat this some casinos offer more promotions or free stuff, like free spins or bonuses, but it only keeps the players as long as the activity is taking place. 1ClickGames have created a solution that will increase the player’s engagement and retention, without any prejudice to the budget.

The viral games come up

On its way to its 1 billion transaction goal, 1ClickGames offers a solution for online casinos that will increase a player’s lifetime value. The key to success is to offers players casino games, based on their interests and taste. 1ClickGames offer a dynamically updated game rating based on the player's performance and unique filter and will individually suggest the games based on the player’s interests. This upgraded solution can help players to stay on-site longer due to the advanced viral games offering. If the players get more and more suggested games matching his interests and the suggestions are also reinforced with a well-designed promotion, then the results will not take long.

The importance of covering customer needs

Some researchers say that to acquire a new client is 6-7 times more expensive than keeping a current one. Often casino players can change their attitude to a current casino in a single day. If something goes wrong, players will not try to change the situation, they will simply go and find a new place to play. Covering a player’s needs, offering them interesting games, suggesting the ones they would like and providing them with a full spectrum of promotions that will keep them playing together, all form good B2C relationships. Customer satisfaction is another one of those things that will help your casino to stay ahead of the competition. 1ClickGames offer a full range of services that can help to track the customers' needs and choose the right decision.


Please feel free to request a quote and discuss possible tailor-made services for your casino type. If you are interested in providing outstanding customer satisfaction and increasing players LTV, get in touch now. 1ClickGames is committed to providing excellent results and sharing ideas that will solve your business problems in just one click.