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1Click Games Supports Responsible Gaming

Operating a business on the Internet can be tricky with a high possibility of fraud and often no chance of tracking or preventing a crime. In view of this, special requirements have been made, to ensure that businesses are operating on legal basis and to provide security in the casino and gambling field.

Responsible gaming is a set of rules, that protects players from all possible risks that they may face. 1Click Games endorses responsible gaming and uses it in its services to prevent players from fraudulent behavior, to avoid addiction, to keep the personal data safe and provide the full control of the financial aspects to meet all requirements. The company considers that it is important to provide partners and users with a safe and secure forum for gaming and to support their players.

The most affected users are the ones who break the first rule of the gambling industry i.e. that casino and other addictive games are designed for entertainment and not as a tool to earn money. The most vulnerable players are addictive gamblers who perceive gambling to serious, that can't stop playing and depositing, that can cause serious financial problems to them and their loved ones. In these cases, each responsible gaming company has a self-exclusion opportunity for players to close the account and stop playing.

The other important thing that the gambling industry works on is preventing underage gaming. Online operators carry out a mandatory verification by asking players to prove their age by seeing their documents and proving their identity. At the same step, it is important to protect users from any possible criminal activity, including e-commerce financial transactions. It is important to prevent any suspicious transactions and make sure that the client's data and money are protected and safe.

In offering casino services is important to work with proven partners and integrate well-known payment systems that will provide safe money transactions with no delays and problems. Responsible gaming rules ensures a safe environment for users to make money transactions without any doubts and preconceptions.

The last important point of responsible gaming is ethical and responsible marketing. Marketing strategies should not be targeted on self-excluded players in order to tempt them to return to the casino as this is completely forbidden. Also, operators should ask user's permission before sending any promotional information.

If you are looking for a business partner that supports responsible gaming and respects the player's safety, 1Click Games is the perfect choice for you and your business. If you are interested in future cooperation, please request a quote and our company's representative will contact you as soon as possible.