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How to start lottery web shop business in the Bahamas

Web shops are very popular in the Bahamas. Their main attraction is lottery, however online casino games, bingo, and sports bets are also offered.

What needs to be done in order to start your web shop business:

  • Apply for and receive license from Gaming Board for the Bahamas
  • Sign an agreement with a software supplier
  • Setup your web shops
  • Go live and attract customers

1Click Games is a licensed lottery software supplier in the Bahamas and therefore it can help you to save a lot of time and resources while launching your web shop business there, as it has ready-made platform that is already being used by leading web shop operators in the Bahamas, like FML.

You can launch a product of the same level that is being offered in popular web shops, completely forgetting about software development and signing separate agreements with different suppliers. You'll also receive a branded web site, which will allow your customers to make same purchases on the internet via computer and mobile. Interactive ATMs as well as mobile POS terminals are also available.

About 1Click Games 1Click Games’ products, including gaming platform 1Click CRM and lottery engine 1Click Lotto, were tested against Bahamas Gaming Regulations, 2014, and Bahamas Gaming House Operator Regulations, 2014, and, as part of this certification, 1Click Games met all requirements of the widely used GLI-19 standard. In the Caribbean region 1Click Games supplies multiple operators in the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Haiti, and Bermuda.

If you are interested in products and services provided by 1Click Games, please fill short form on the Home page and our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.