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How to Start Your Online Casino – The Easy Way

Starting your own online casino might be easier than you think

What’s a must-have to start own online casino?

Let’s start with stuff you have to take care of even before allowing your first customer to register at your own online casino:
  • File and successfully get approved for gambling licenses
  • Sign agreements with game suppliers and payment gateways
  • Receive SSL, GLI, and game-tester certificates
  • Setup servers and other hardware
  • Hire employees with appropriate knowledge of the industry
  • Develop high-end site that will withstand high loadings and remain secure 24/7
  • Integrate 3rd party provider games and payment gateway into your site
  • Allocate funds to invest in marketing campaigns during initial year

If you follow traditional route, starting your online casino might take up to a year and huge resource amounts, however industry has evolved so far, it is now possible to sign just a single agreement and get your own online casino up and running within one month! Do we have your attention now?

1Click Games’ Turnkey Online Casino Solution

Online casinos don’t grow on trees, but by signing for 1Click Games’ turnkey online casino solution you might start thinking that they do.
  • Start operating your own online casino in just 4 weeks
  • Get premium gaming product multiple times cheaper
  • Enjoy full support even after your casino goes live

Why would you hire a team of developers to start your online casino if you can outsource our own already ready to start building your own casino per your visual and functional preferences?

With 1Click Games’ turnkey online casino solution you get:

  • Sub-license that allows you to legally operate internationally
  • Fully functioning premium online casino website with CMS and mobile optimization
  • Access to CRM with comprehensive business reports and management tools
  • Affiliate program with website and all required tracking software
  • Over 2000 top-selling casino games from over 15 popular game providers
  • Lifetime technical support and new games per their release

After starting you online casino we’ll help you with branding, graphic design, customer support, retention, payment processing, and risk management. All that remains is marketing and that will be up to you. We’ll do the rest. As for marketing, you might even be able to cover everything yourself and from the comfort of your home.

If you like the idea or the feel of starting your own online casino, get the ball rolling. Complete short application form on 1Click Games website and our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.