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Upcoming gambling industry trends in 2020

The gambling industry, in line with other technologies, is changing extremely fast. At the end of 2018 everyone talked about the upcoming trends for 2019. After a year the trends completely changed and now the whole industry is waiting for the new trends that will slowly enter the market. To stay ahead in the market, 1ClickGames has explored the gambling trends for 2020, so let's analyze them in more detail.

The rise of Live Dealer games

One of the main predictions for 2020 is that we will see more Live Dealer games as they continue to grow in popularity. Players have showed a preference for live games as they give players the atmosphere, involvement, and presence of a real casino. Game developers have taken notice and in 2020 we will see a lot of new Live dealers’ games to meet the growing demand.

Players prefer mobile gambling

Smartphones have created a huge impact on the gambling industry and changed player's habits in just a short time due to the popularity of social games that were available via smartphones. The gambling industry has quickly reacted to this and has made mobile gambling more accessible and easier. Consequently, smartphones and tablets have overtaken personal computers in popularity. The growth in mobile gambling will continue because it’s easy to use, accessible and has a huge variety of products for entertainment.

Crypto in the gambling world

Last year the cryptocurrencies made a lot of noise that in 2019 the gambling market would be occupied with crypto. Most of the gambling sites remain with the traditional payments, but cryptocurrencies are slowly replacing the old methods because players often want to stay anonymous. Also, the security of crypto payments is gaining more popularity among gamblers so it is a more preferred choice for more and more gamblers. So, taking all this into consideration, this trend will only continue to grow in 2020. 1ClickGames has followed this trend and from 2018 they accepted cryptocurrency payments, that integrate fast with the casino websites.

Virtual reality has never been so close

VR was one of the trends that created a lot of buzz in 2019. Everyone suggested that this technology would become a breakthrough in the industry but only NetEnt have shown and proven their virtual reality version with their updated Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine game. However, the virtual reality slots and other casino games are just around the corner in 2020.


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