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Content Management Services for White Label Casinos by 1Click Games

In order to attract and retain your customer’s attention in 2019 it is vital to create and add interesting, up-to-date eye-catching content to your white label casino website. To do that, it is important to have a great, functional Content Management System, which is dynamic, user-friendly and can quickly help to moderate website content.

1Click Games Content Management Services include a wide range of different options to work with and enhance website content including: adding content, games, creating and adding banners, promotions and graphics update. It is also really important to keep abreast of provider-companies updates, track all the changes and have the ability to quickly respond to provider or important rule changes.

It is necessary to have a fast, easy to use option to update terms and conditions, restrictions, payment section, game descriptions, game top updating, add translations or correct some text. 1Click Games Content Management Services help a lot of our customers to easily update their casino websites by themselves or their employees.

1Click Games is always increasing the amount of new games available on mobile or desktop apps through CMS, so they do not lose gamers attention, as well as updating promotions and special offers to increase customers KPIs and time spent playing on the website. Content Management Services are an important part of any successful casino’s online marketing campaign as it gives an opportunity to target customers and manage products effectively. Furthermore, the functionality of the 1Click Games CMS is always growing and improving.

1Click Games works only with proven affiliates and always checks them on Return on Investment (ROI). The main qualities of our affiliate management services – high quality, cost-effective solutions, and fast results.

If you are interested in launching your own casino incorporating a CMS that will help take the stress out of running your website, please request a quote on the home page and our company representative will be contacting you shortly.