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The advantages of having a mobile version of your online casino

In the modern world the smartphone has become an integral part of our everyday life. Through the phone people can pay household bills, make purchases, watch videos, communicate and entertain themselves. Laptops and PC’s are starting to look outdated and businesses have noticed the tendency of people to use mobile services instead. This same tendency can also be found in the gambling industry.

The popularity of mobile gambling

The popularity of mobile gambling has increased very rapidly and based on recent observations, players have expressed a desire to play more, whilst, at the same time, gadgets have become more advanced and accessible. According to statistics on players’ behavior, 96% of players gamble at home, and from those, 20% also like to gamble outside, for example, at work. Recently, 55% of online casino users gamble on their mobile phone or tablet, whilst 45% still use laptops, but in 2018 the usage of mobile devices increased by 44%.

The importance of mobile gambling for a business

We are all interested in how technology can improve our lives and so there is a lot of excitement regarding new developments in mobile gambling. Demand leads to new, exciting innovations for the customer. However, if the gaming provider does not satisfy their customers’ needs by keeping up-to-date, they will quickly lose clients. 1ClickGames has a great solution for all providers who are experiencing a lack of mobile versions for their casino. The company offers a wide spectrum of services, such as, creating a casino website from scratch, providing a full package of marketing activities and a responsive CRM platform that allows full access to all website’s customer information: online, mobile and affiliate websites.

How to change the situation

If you are thinking about improving your business and pushing the boundaries, you need 1ClickGames services. After all, they know all about customer behavior and how to retain existing clients whilst attracting new ones. If you are interested in cooperative opportunities with 1ClickGames, please feel free to request a quote and our company representative will contact you as soon as possible.