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Targeted promotions - a great way to retain players

Retention and conversion questions are always the most highly discussed topics in gambling companies. As we all know, players aka customers, are the engine of progress in any gambling website. So, it is important to find new ways of extending the player’s time on the website. 1Click Games, an international developer of premium betting and gaming solutions, have brought the promotion targeting function to a new level.

Why is targeting in marketing important?

First of all, targeting in marketing is an important part of a holistic marketing strategy. It impacts advertising, as well as customer experience, branding, and business operations. When your company focuses on target market segmentation, you can do the following: speak directly to a defined audience, marketing messages go deeper when it hits the targeted group.

Promotions that are made for a current audience and are placed in the right time or way will reach the target audience faster and will also generate more qualified leads.

Target marketing in gambling is a necessity because there are of a lot of restrictions in online marketing, so the option of targeting a promotion on an online casino website can lead to great results in obtaining the target audience.

The solution from 1Click Games

The 1Click Games team has come up with a solution that adjusts the main promotion banner to a targeted audience, according to a player’s deposit amount. After logging into their account on the casino website, the player will see a promotional banner that best suits their needs, based on the player’s past behavior and amount of deposits.

For example, a player makes the first deposit and then on the main page they will see a promotion for a 2nd deposit bonus. After making another deposit the main banner will change to a reload promotion and so it continues until the goal of 3-10 deposits is achieved, based on the marketing plan. With this automatic feature, the main promotions can be targeted into the player’s lifecycle.


If you are an online casino owner and you want to improve your marketing communication with players, or you are thinking about getting into the gambling business, 1Click Games could be the answer. They can offer you a great betting and gaming solution that will help you to set up your casino project as soon as possible. They can even launch your casino project in just one day! So, if you are interested in working with our great team, please feel free to request a quote and our company representative will contact you as soon as possible.