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The importance of creating a diverse game selection for an online casino

The most important component of the gambling industry is the players. All business is created around the clients, their interests and goals are targeted for client satisfaction, conversion and retention. It is therefore vital to explore and know the player's types that can be found on your online casino. 1ClickGames, on its way to 1 billion transactions, have decided to share their experience and talk about the most common types of online casino players that can be found on any online casino website. Knowing your audience can positively impact the marketing strategy and help to integrate other services effectively.

The player’s types

The real professionals

This type of person usually plays very responsibly, doesn’t make any rash bets or make any emotional decisions. These players can play on the website for years and the reason for their play is to earn money. Gambling for them is not an emotional and entertaining pastime, it is an opportunity to earn, and often becomes their profession. Professional gamblers do not make bets often, and are often focused on long-term opportunities.

Extremely careful players

This type of player gets a lot of pleasure from making bets and playing casino games, but they are very careful and don’t spend a huge amount of money. They prefer to make small bets, meaning that their game may last for hours. Their main goal is entertainment that doesn’t require a lot of money, so usually, they don’t win a lot and don’t suffer serious losses.


This type of player devotes their time to create strategies that are based on a mathematical calculation. Usually this type of player doesn’t pay attention to any advice from others and continues to follow their created strategies. If their strategy doesn’t work, they continue to play, seeking new loopholes for winning. Gamblers-mathematics is the category that minimizes its risks.

Intuition gamblers

This type of player listens only to their intuition and doesn’t rely on experienced gamblers, strategies or recommendations. Usually, they spend a lot of losing money, and most of their wins are just a coincidence.

How to deal with all the player’s types

The right marketing

All these online casino players pursue one goal – to win. That means that the casino website marketing should be planned to attract the players' attention and keep them playing again and again. In this case, perfectly works deposit bonuses, weekly free spins, tournaments, clicker games and personalized attention to clients' life events like birthdays and other celebrations. It is important to have a clear strategy when thinking ahead and planning the bonus system for the casino brand together with loyalty programs and promotions. The clearer the message the casino sends, the more players will trust it.

Extensive game portfolio

A game portfolio is the main tool of an online casino website. Creating a huge portfolio with a wide option of games guarantees better customer flow. Players usually look for a new casino based on a variety of interesting bonuses, or seeking their favorite games. 1Click Games uses artificial intelligence to suggest new games to players based on their preferences, which then positively affects their time spent on the website. Earlier we talked about the various player types and it’s important that the online casino offers a comprehensive selection to meet the needs of the different player styles. The wide game selection can also attract different player types who might choose only card games, only live dealer games or are currently obsessed with slot games.


Therefore, we can see that the right marketing is about having a wide game portfolio, helping to create a very successful online casino website. The casino is all about games, having fun and winning. If you are considering creating your online casino, 1Click Games is the perfect partner, helping to create a successful casino for a long-term period. Or if you already own an online casino and are looking to bring it to a new level of success, do not hesitate to requesting a quote and our company’s representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further cooperation.