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What is significant to work with Affiliates?

When working with affiliates, it is important to understand that there is a limited pool of high-quality affiliates, while many casinos are in need of traffic. To distinguish a good affiliate from a bad one, it is important to consider factors such as the affiliate's track record, the quality of their website and marketing materials, and their level of communication and cooperation. Additionally, it is important to have a clear agreement in place and to regularly evaluate the performance and ROI of the partnership.

Choosing an affiliate

It is very important to be able to understand whether the affiliate you want to start a deal with is good or not. The main criterion by which we can understand that an affiliate is good is the presence of traffic on the site. You can understand and see the presence of traffic on an affiliate site using third-party tools such as 'Seranking' or 'Similar Web'. An experienced affiliate manager just needs to look at the affiliate site and he will already be able to tell whether it makes sense to spend time and money adding a casino. Things like the amount casino reviews, the availability of up to date bonuses and up to date casino information.


Once we have located a suitable affiliate and they have agreed to collaborate with us, it is crucial for the affiliate to have visibility and access to all players they direct to our casino. The affiliate should see as many statistics as possible. Commission structure: It's important to establish a clear and fair commission structure for affiliates, which outlines the percentage of sales or other forms of compensation that affiliates will receive for their efforts. Starting with a potential player's click on a link or banner, ending with a deposit and playing slots. The more statistics and information available to the affiliate - the better. The main thing with this is not to overdo it and not give unnecessary information to the affiliate. Working with an affiliate system should be easy and simple verified PC.


The affiliate must trust you 100% This can be achieved by the fact that everything is visible and accessible in your system, a good reputation, as well as maintaining relationships over many years of cooperation. Communication and support: It's important to maintain open and regular communication with affiliates, as this can help to build trust and foster a productive working relationship. Providing support and resources, such as marketing materials and training, can also be helpful for affiliates.

Tracking and reporting

It's important to have a robust tracking and reporting system in place to accurately track affiliates' sales and commissions. This can help to ensure that affiliates are properly compensated for their efforts and can also help the business to identify areas for improvement.


In order for an affiliate to trust you and give you the highest quality traffic and positions on their portal, your product must generate income. When it does, it is important not to delay paying commissions to your affiliates.


It's important to ensure that affiliates are complying with all relevant laws and regulations, such as those related to data privacy and advertising standards.

As in any other business, there is a seller and a buyer. In the gambling industry, you buy traffic, which means you are a buyer. The difference is that quality traffic is a commodity that is hard to find and easy to lose. If you find a good affiliate, appreciate it and don't lose it.

Overall, working with affiliates requires clear communication, strong tracking and reporting systems, and a commitment to compliance and partnership management. By focusing on these key factors, businesses can build productive and successful relationships with affiliates and drive growth for their online operations.