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Know your players and affiliates

5 tips to know your customers better

For creating a successful product, knowing the exact needs and habits of end-users is the core of the product development roadmap. For any business to be profitable, the key need is to churn out features and services that its customers will like. However, getting concrete insights into the minds of customers is not so easy. By implementing the problem analysis processes and analyzing the key performance KPIs, it is possible to improve customer experience by focusing on the most critical customer problems and needs.

We are constantly trying to find new ways of learning more about our audience, their problems, and expectations. Here are some useful tips that help us learn about our customers better.

  • Surveys & questionnaires – the simplest way to learn more about your customers is to ask them. Surveys and questionaries are simple tools that allow getting answers to many issues about customer preferences, problems, and needs.
  • Screen monitoring services – usage of screen monitoring tools is an effective method to see how customers are using your website and services, such as what difficulties they face in the scope of using different devices, screen resolutions, and browsers.
  • Analyzing key interests – providing the content interesting to players is important to make your product offering exactly what customers need. Analyzing search engine statistics and keywords allows discovering key customers' interests.
  • Analyzing customer complaints – learning and resolving the customer complaints is important for discovering the most irritating problems with your product and focusing on the customer complaints allows you to learn more about the customer's likes and dislikes.
  • Ask questions at key points – if you are looking for improving your services or learn feedback about existing services, asking the players questions about services they just used is a great deal to get feedback about player satisfaction and potentially reveal existing problems.
  • Analyzing web analytics – web analytics tools are the widely used tools to analyze the behavior of site visitors, target events, as well as page visits to create a map of the customer journey through the site and track conversion metrics based on geolocation and device layers.
  • Analyzing key KPIs – accurate and timing reporting is the most important for tracking key KPIs in customer performance, indicating the business growth or decrease. 1Click Games CRM offers several reports for tracking customer activities, both within the single-player account or summary reports with accumulated data across our brands or player segments.

Usage of advanced analytics, monitoring, and survey tools allows us to understand customer behavior easier than ever, and see customer growth and behavior changes. Hearing from and understanding your customers is imperative to creating a successful product.

Affiliates, what is important to them?


The most important is trust between an affiliate and your casino. Without it, you can never have a long-term partnership with a serious affiliate.

Some affiliates, before pushing traffic, will create a test account and a test deposit. After looking at how accurate data is on their affiliate account, and if there are no mistakes in the calculations, they will start pushing traffic.

Data transparency

Most affiliates want to see all the information regarding the Player path on their affiliate account, starting from a visit to the site and ending with a deposit and playing. For this, we use 'Real-time statistics' - which shows all the necessary information in real-time.

A wonderful product

Without quality casino brands, it will be difficult to attract and keep affiliates. Things like Live chat, a wonderful variety of slots, live casino games, and the most popular payment methods–without all this, your product cannot compete in the market, and hardly any good affiliates will advertise you.


Most affiliates ask for bonuses and promotions to promote your brand. Some affiliates prefer no deposit bonuses to attract more players, but it's low-quality traffic, while others prefer deposit offers to attract more depositors, and it's better traffic. There are also affiliates on the market that work without bonuses at all, attracting traffic in other ways.

Timely payment of the affiliate commission.

It's nice to get your work salary on time and with no delays. It's the same with affiliates - they want to receive their earned commission on time, as agreed. Late payments can ruin relationships even with the most loyal affiliates. That's why it's important to make all the commission payments on time.

Every 3-4 months, our affiliate team conducts a survey (NPS) among our partners to find out what we need to improve and refine. It is important to communicate and solve all the problems in time. This is the only way you can grow and keep a good relationship with affiliates.