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Client participation in product development and results of that

How our client employs the inspection in product development

We always introduce the product deliveries to the clients openly and transparently to gather valuable feedback. If the client changes the scope during the inspection, instead of complaining we rather adapt and perceive this as an opportunity to confirm the new scope with the client and validate the new hypothesis. We believe that value-based incremental delivery is impossible without gathering customer feedback frequently.

Example of such communication is the Christmas promotion setup, when compared to the previous one it was enhanced with a preliminary email campaign to notify the customers and also with reactivation of inactive customers using a free cash bonus.

Another great example is cashback functionality, where the scope was changed after we involved the stakeholders and discussed.

Increase Your Day-to-Day Retention With Our New 24/7 Cashback

Cashback is a cost-effective way to retain your customers. You pay it only when you earn, so it is much easier to plan cashback expenses than any bonusing costs. Cashback is also easy to understand and easy to sell. It is fair, and it also builds trust and loyalty if it is executed correctly.

We call it a 24/7 Cashback because it can be claimed by players themselves at any time of the day and as often as they prefer, making it perfect for any volume player and any geo, especially to whom the previous qualification and credit time intervals were not convenient. We already see some positive impact on VIP segments, who previously had to contact support to request their retention rewards, which often led to delays due to customer support's working hours or high workload.

Start using our new better cashback system and watch your day-to-day retention rates grow across all GEOs. Reward your VIP players, by excluding customer support working hours from the equation. Pay only when you earn!

If you want to know more, or would like to start using our new cashback functionality, feel free to request a demo from us.

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1Click Games Now Boasts Over 100 MGA Certified Game Providers

It has always been common knowledge, that it is much easier to get the gaming content for Curacao operators. It is still true. 1Click Games offers more than 130 game providers for the Curacao licensed operators with extremely competitive revenue share deals, but how is the situation in the industry with game providers who can supply their games to MGA operators?

After thoroughly reviewing our competitors' offers, it has been concluded that on average the iGaming market offers 55 MGA certified game providers. Even though the 1Click Games platform has been certified by MGA for as little as one year, we've been able to accumulate our MGA offering up to 100 game providers in 2022. Not only 1Click Games can offer almost the same list of game providers for both Curacao and MGA, but also revenue share deals are the same for MGA, as for Curacao.

We will not be stopping on the achieved great amount of game providers in our offering, as we have already set a goal to reach 130 games providers for MGA in 2022 – at the moment we have the same amount for Curacao.