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1Click Games and Genii presents a White Label Casino

1Click Games White Label Casino Platform provides access to an exclusive content of Gaming Content provider Genii. Provider is integrated with 1Click Games Marketing Module and offers a wide range of games including RNG games.

Genii combines more than 15 years’ experience in the iGaming industry with award winning originality, firmly anchored by ingenious creative inspiration to deliver the most engaging, interactive casino content that the market has seen for many years.

Genii was founded on the recognition that the online gaming industry is fast maturing and that the space it occupies today is vastly different from the early days. Through critical thinking & looking at the industry from a fresh perspective, and exploring (what at times might suggest) unorthodox solutions, company have created trailblazing solutions.

An “opportunity mindset” may be one way of describing the lateral thinking process at Genii, and it’s because our arsenal of powerful creative thinkers are used to tackle any type of technical problem as well as initiate new ideas, approach problems with original vision, and discover a world of innovative solutions to everyday, and some not-so-everyday, challenges.

If you are interested in adding Genii White Label Casino to your business, please request a quote on the home page and our company representative will be contacting you shortly.