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Be in trends with progressive technologies from 1ClickGames and boost your business

Innovation is the engine of progress and is necessary for every business. The Gambling industry develops so fast, that the newest company’s technology may become obsolete. 2019 brought a lot of new developments to gambling. Many companies started to use outstanding technologies and market innovations including artificial intelligence and business intelligence. Why so many processes are now handled by machines and what are the benefits from that, will be discussed in this article.

Every day gambling companies try to reduce time-consuming daily routines that use a lot of additional resources. 1ClickGames has found a solution to reduce time spent on tasks that can be done by machines. Artificial intelligence is one of the products that can identify fraudulent players and fraudulent activity. AI creates the popular content for the player, based on his preferences.

To reduce time on marketing, 1ClickGames offers automated marketing ― a fully automated marketing and retention system. The system determines when and what bonus offer to make to the player. The AM includes bulk-email sending, bonus accrual and bonus-hunter player definition.

To understand the player’s need there is predictive analytics ― a system which is capable of analyzing the player’s potential. The analysis is based on each registered user, based on a player’s behavior, localization, activity, and gaming preferences.

Incorporating these modern technologies will streamline all the processes, reduce time and speed up the data processing. If you are interested in starting your own casino or you want to expand your existing game list, get in touch today for your free quotation. Make your casino a great, exciting place for new players by upgrading it, with the help of the professional 1ClickGames team.